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Going To The Cloud Gives Access
To World-Class Servers, Networks,
Infrastructure & Management
It may surprise you to know, but “the cloud” is not a specific thing; rather, it is a way of doing things. For the majority of IT tasks undertaken by small businesses, it is a much better way of doing things than they are typically handled.

Instead of a single PC with one hard drive, one power source, and one small connection to the Internet, you get:
  • Enterprise-grade servers in high-availability configuration
  • Redundant power connections with multiple UPS backups
  • Overlapping network links to various points on the Internet
  • Advanced monitoring from our 24x7 Network Operations Center
  • Many other advantages from partnering with cloud experts
Call, click, or e-mail today to make an appointment and we will be happy to come to your business and show you some of the many ways we can put cloud techologies to work for you!

We Stay With You
Every Step Of The Way!
We know the thought of going to the cloud is scary. You may worry about giving up direct control of your servers, or the safety of your data. That's why we are all about the relationship. For us, we want to be your partner as your business grows for many years to come. Everything we do stems from that desire.

When you first bring us in, you will notice we do a lot of listening, and ask a lot of questions. Our sales engineers try to get to know how your staff work, what causes them problems, and the ways you want to grow in the future. Only then are we able to put together a report on what we see, along with a plan for taking your business forward with minimal disruption.

Once we do start taking your systems to the cloud, you will notice we always make changes in an incremental manner, and always with a safety plan in place that let's us seamlessly take a step backward if we encounter something unexpected. You'll notice we communicate at every phase, and our 24x7 Network Operations Center is always available to answer any questions you have.

It's all part of our commitment to helping your business grow by bringing the benfits of cloud technology to small businesses. Call, click, or e-mail today to see how we can help you.

The Most Important Part Of Data Backup Is Restore
Cloud backup providers do a lot of talking about backing up your data, but what about restoring your data in an emergency? That's where most services fail miserably, but Ethos Info shines the brightest.

Traditional cloud backup services have two big caveats when it comes to actually restoring all that data you backed up to them. The first is the speed at which they will hand you back your data -- the first couple of gigabytes are done at high speed; after that, you're stuck in a data rate that can best be described as “glacial”. The second problem is how to handle situations where you or one of your employees has accidentally deleted folders full of thousands of files. Some of these services will actually send you a USB drive with the files, but it takes days for them to prepare and ship the drive, and still more time for you figure out how to get it connected and recover the files.

Cloud Monitoring Saves Your Bacon!
“Hell hath no smell like a scallop thawed." At least, that's how the saying should go, if you've ever had the closing manager forget to close the fish freezer. It's an unfortunate reality that too many restaurants deal with on a far-too-regular basis, and one that is completely avoidable with the Vigilant Monitoring Service from Ethos Info.

We install wired or wireless temperature sensors in the freezers and refrigerators you want protected, and they communicate directly with the 24x7 monitoring systems inside our cloud. Any time the temperature gets out of the range you choose, our Network Operations Center personnel will text, e-mail, or call anyone on your staff you want.

New Wireless Sensor Goes Anywhere
Whether it is florists protecting their blossoms, chefs safeguarding frozen ingredients, or wineries ensuring quality, the Vigilant Monitoring Service proves its worth every hour of every day. But there was one question we kept hearing: the wired sensors are fabulous, but what can you do for installations where wires are simply not an option?
You Won't Care If They
Steal Your Laptop
Thieves can steal your laptop, coffee-shop hackers can sniff wi-fi, soda bottles tip over and spill, hard drives die and take your data with them. But if you move to the cloud, all that worry goes away.

When your data is stored safely in a dedicated Virtual Private Cloud, only you are able to access it, and it can't be stolen or lost to a dead hard drive.

Is Your Network Truly Secure?
As your business and IT resources grow and change over time, it is easy and common for security holes to creep in. Most of these are innocuous, but sometimes they can expose critical weaknesses. All it takes is one unhappy employee, a lucky hacker randomly targeting you, or a disgruntled client to cripple your business.

The solution is to bring in the pros at Ethos Info to perform a comprehensive scan of your entire network. We advanced hardware and software scanners that together let us produce a comprehensive view of your network security stance, and provide a solid plan for addressing any vulnerabilities we discover.

Advanced Management For
All Your Computer Systems
There is a constant battle being waged in your small business. Your staff need to be able to work the way they want on their workstations and laptops, but you need to be able to make sure their security updates and software patches are kept up to the latest. At the same time, you simply can't justify paying your IT staff their normal hourly rate to come in several times a month to do the updates.
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Williamsburg: (757) 512-8270   Richmond: (804) 451-3733   Charlottesville: (434) 509-1160   E-mail: info@ethosinfo.com
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