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Let's be honest, the state of data backup software these days is nothing short of embarassing. A million features, a million options, and a million ways to get it wrong. Why can't someone just keep it simple, and backup your data?

That's exactly what caused us to develop our own backup servers and software. It takes only a few minutes to install -- and our Network Operations Center can handle that for you. After that, it runs silently in the background, backing up your data every night. You get 180 days of backups, and when you need to recover data -- or even just test us and see how easy it is -- contact our Network Operations Center and they'll restore whatever data you want. If you need more data restored than your Internet connection can handle quickly, there is an option for one of our engineers to bring a USB drive with your data to your office.

Learning more or getting a quote is as easy as getting in touch at 757-512-8270, sales@ethosinfo.com, or one of the other methods on our Contact page.
  • Effortless Install
  • 180 Days Of Backups
  • Free Assisted Recovery
  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • File or Image Backups
  • Completely Automated Solution
  • Extremely Small Footprint
Virginia Cloud Technologies - 212 E. Leigh Street - Richmond, VA 23219
Williamsburg: (757) 512-8270   Richmond: (804) 451-3733   Charlottesville: (434) 509-1160   E-mail: info@ethosinfo.com
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