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Exterior View
East-2 Facility
Richmond, VA
Founded in 2010 in Williamsburg, Virginia by a group of industry veterans, all with over two decades experience in high-end data storage, defense contracting, banking, and similar fields. After graduating from the William & Mary/James City County Business and Technology Incubator, we gradually expanded to add three locations in Richmond, serving clients from Hampton out to Charlottesville.

Our core mission is to bring the benefits of Cloud Computing to small- and medium-sized businesses. We do this by designing, building, and maintaining our own cloud facilities, housed in absolute state-of-the-art facilities. Buildings are weather-resistant, capable of withstanding up to hurricane-level storms, and equipped with redundant power and backup diesel generators. Access is tightly controlled through multiple levels of biometric and card-key access, and every inch of the facilities are monitored with recording equipment.

One of many
Power & Cooling

East-1 Facility
Richmond, VA
Internet connections are provided through more than a dozen links to various access points on the net, and protected by an extensive array of firewalls and network security monitors both at the perimeter and scattered throughout strategic points on internal links. Individual client systems are contained within their own dedicated Virtual Private Clouds, which are themselves protected by yet another firewall, custom-tuned to the needs and capabilities of the client. All of this is monitored and protected by our 24x7 Network Operations Center.

The physical servers themselves are enterprise-grade systems, designed for many years of 24x7 operation under full load, and configured in redundant sets where a failed server is instantly and automatically replaced by another server. Disk drives are also enterprise-grade, and again configured in redundant sets.

Because we design, build, and maintain our own cloud facilities, we are able to provide clients with solutions that are specifically tailored to their needs, and also able to scale as they grow. We do not force "tiers of service" on clients, where they end up paying for a lot of things they don't need or want.
Virginia Cloud Technologies - 212 E. Leigh Street - Richmond, VA 23219
Williamsburg: (757) 512-8270   Richmond: (804) 451-3733   Charlottesville: (434) 509-1160   E-mail: info@ethosinfo.com
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