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Working with any of those big, national cloud computing providers reminds us a lot of the lyrics to that old song:
"They've given you a number/and taken away your name..."
It may sound enticing for a small business to associate with a large, national provider of cloud services, but the sad truth is that once you do, you're nothing more than an account number to them.

Contrast that with the relationship you develop when working with a regional cloud provider like Ethos Info. We have the size and resources to provide almost all the benefits of the big players, but we are still a local company that stops by to say "Hello" every couple of weeks. Our engineers are intimately familiar with your systems and your staff, and the things you need and want from us. We work hard to build and maintain the trust that can come only from looking our customers in the eye, and letting them know we have their back, regardless of what may come.

When it comes to resources to make your IT systems bulletproof, take a look at just a few of the advantages we offer:
24x7 Network Operations Center, staffed with real engineers
We hope your systems just work, and you never have to call us. But when things go wrong, or you need help, we want you to know our Network Operations Center is always standing by, ready to help you get going again. Every second of every day, we have trained engineers available.

Advanced military-grade firewall arrays with active monitoring
We average over 250,000 blocked packets per day at each of our data centers. And we're not just reactive, our firewall arrays are proactively scanning and analyzing access patterns to sniff out and stop threats before they cause trouble. We work with numerous third parties to coordinate responses from sources of intelligence around the globe.

Redundant systems at every single level of our cloud
When we say our cloud infrastructure is world-class, we really mean it. And if you think we don't stack up to the big boys, just take a look through the news for the last time some large cloud provider had an outage that brought down your favorite movie service or your phone couldn't do what it needs to do.

Data centers covering clients from Virginia Beach to Harrisonburg
Our data center locations are chosen to provide the best protection for your data, along with giving you the absolute fastest path along the Internet.

On-premises cloud server option for clients with regulatory limits
We can put a cloud server in your building so your data never has to leave your site, but you are still covered by our advanced cloud management and monitoring systems. Even better, we cover full hardware replacement and even have high-availability options!
Last, but certainly not least, is our commitment to our customers, our partners, and this region. We were founded here, we grew up here, we live here, and we are committed to being here for the long term.

If you don't want to be a number, give us a call or e-mail today and let us come look you in the eye and talk to you about the many advantages of partnering with the best cloud provider in the region. We promise to call you by your name!

Williamsburg: (757) 512-8270   Richmond: (804) 451-3733   Charlottesville: (434) 509-1160
E-mail: info@ethosinfo.com   Visit us on Facebook   Visit us on LinkedIn
Virginia Cloud Technologies - 212 E. Leigh Street - Richmond, VA 23219
Williamsburg: (757) 512-8270   Richmond: (804) 451-3733   Charlottesville: (434) 509-1160   E-mail: info@ethosinfo.com
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